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1. Payment must be made on arrival at the Posh Bunny Motel

(we accept cash only).


2. Vaccination certificates for rabbits be presented before arrival.


3. Your pet must be collected at the agreed date and time.


4. We do not accept rabbits on arrival date with dirty bottoms, so

please ensure that you're bunny"s private parts are clean.


5. We do not accept any pets with diseased which is dangegerous to

other pets. 


6. If you are delayed from your holiday, you must contact us soon

as possible. If your pet needs to stay in our care longer, you will be

charged for any additional days.


7. If you decide to collect your pet(s) before the end of the

booking date - we do not refund payments for early departures.


8. If you decide to cancel your booking, we will accept it at

least two weeks before original booking date - otherwise we will

charge you half price of the booking fee and don't return any deposit

as this is included in the booking price. 

If you cancel your booking less then 5 days before

arrival date - we will charge you full boarding price. 


9. If we are concerned about the health of your pet(s), we will try

our best to contact you. If we can not speak to you and your pet

requires treatment without your knowledge, you agree to pay the

vet's bill plus our services time at £10 an hour and transport charges

at £4 per mile.





10. Posh Bunny Motel does not accept any responsibility should

your pet become ill and pass away whilst in our care.


11. Should your pet pass away, we do not have the facility to keep


Your pet will be taken to our local vet for you to make your

own personal arrangements on your return.