A Little bit about us

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Boarding for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, birds, tortoises

We live in the beautiful Cheshire countryside outside Manchester

in a nice, quiet hamlet called Little Bollington, close to the Saxon

village of Lymm. 

  Just behind our Cottage is Dunham Park, the 15th century home of

the Earl of Stamford, which is famous for the albino deer that runs

wild on his land.

 We have the boarding units inside the motel and outside as well. 

During the daytime in spring and summer the pets can spend time

 outside in the runs which we have at the back of our garden.

For more information see "Accommodation" or click here.

If you are considering booking, you are very welcome to visit us.

 We will be happy to show you around, so you can see that your pet

will be well cared for whilst you are away !


A few words about our pets:


 Charlina came to us from rescue place.

Sadly, she had been neglected, but after plenty of TLC, she has

blossomed into a beautiful little girl. Charlina now lives very happily

together with all our other pets. 

She gives us a lot of pleasure and keeps putting a smile on our faces.

rabbitsguinea pigsferretschinchillashamstersmice


Bianca - little hedgehog, also we have from rescue place, her

previous owner has give up on her as she is not so social as other

pets (most of the time she prefers to be on her own).

We found Bianca absolutely adorable and we are very happy to look

after her.

rabbitsguinea pigsferretschinchillashamstersmice


All of our guinea pigs came to us from Northwich rescue centre.

They all live in the same big hutch and are very happy together. 

Each one has their own personality and lovely nature. 

We wouldn't part with them for anything

rabbitsguinea pigsferretschinchillashamstersmice


Tedy - angora rabbit has been adopt by our family from

 Northwich Rescue centre.

 He is only a young bunny but already has been neglected.

We managed to get rid of all his tangled fur and mites

and now Tedy - is a very handsome looking bunny and

we love him a lot

rabbitsguinea pigsferretschinchillashamstersmice


Alisa and Lusha had been given to the rescue centre as not standard bunnies.

We were looking for a friend for Teddy and adopted both of

them as we did not want to split them when saw how they cuddled each other.


Now the three bunnies live together.

rabbitsguinea pigsferretschinchillashamstersmice


Bugs - French Lop. 

His previous owners booked him in our place for the holiday but

never came back after him...To make sure nobody again will give

up on him -we have adopted him. Bugs has a very nice nature and

is an absolute pleasure to have him in our family   

rabbitsguinea pigsferretschinchillashamstersmice


Little Tivi use to be our costumer but his previous owner have

moved house where pets are not allowed. We decided to keep him

in our big family as he has already made very good friends with all

our pets. Tivi is very happy to live with our pets, he sleeps with our

rabbits, eating together and even using same litter tray :)

rabbitsguinea pigsferretschinchillashamstersmice
rabbitsguinea pigsferretschinchillashamstersmice
rabbitsguinea pigsferretschinchillashamstersmice


Max suffered terrible injuries as the result of serious abuse and

spend a year and half recovering at the Cheshire Dogs'

Home before we adopted him. Despite his ordeal, Max is the most

loving and trusting little dog. He has won our hearts and our family

wouldn't be the same without him.

rabbitsguinea pigsferretschinchillashamstersmice


 Lotty - wire haired dachhund, nice nature little girl.

We find her in Internet as unwanted dog and decide give Lotty

second chance for good life with us. She is very good friend with

Max and other our pets, so now we are one big, happy family  

rabbitsguinea pigsferretschinchillashamstersmice

 How to Find us;

Cheshire, WA14 4TD

rabbitsguinea pigsferretschinchillashamstersmice

  You can recognise our ivy covered cottage from the photo, look out

for the sign, ‘Posh Bunny Motel' at the entrance. 

Park in front of the gate, walk through and you will see our boarding

facility on the left, just behind the cottage. 



From Junction 7 on the M56 take the A56 Lymm Road toward

Warrington.  Continue through Little Bollington and on the right

 shortly after "Ye Olde No 3" pub, you will find our cottage. 

Ours is the first cottage on the right and the entrance is via the

large gate.

  From Warrington, take the A56 through Lymm and Agden Brow

 then just after the bend you will see a pair of cottages on the left,

 ours is the right hand cottage.

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We are closed for the public;  

         14 - 21 September 2024

         20 - 30 November 2024

    19 - 31 January 2025